The Cala Millor Tourism Consortium joins the Mallorca Responsible Tourism Commitment

On February 14, the Cala Millor Tourism Consortium signed its adhesion to the Responsible Tourism Commitment of Mallorca, promoted by the Mallorca Tourism Foundation, under the Consell de Mallorca. It is an initiative that aims to “promote sustainable tourism and shape an island in which visitors and residents coexist, enjoy, experience and preserve the nature, values and beauty of Mallorca”.

This commitment aims to serve as a model for responsible tourism practices around the world, going beyond a simple declaration of intent. It is a tangible roadmap for the transformation of Mallorca’s tourism industry, through collective efforts that aim to minimize the environmental impact of tourism, improve the well-being of residents, celebrate and protect our cultural heritage, and create truly memorable experiences for every traveler who chooses Mallorca as a destination.

From the Consorci de Turisme de Cala Millor we encourage you to join this necessary initiative, so that together we can shape a world where travellers experience the magic of Mallorca while preserving its unique charm for generations to come.

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