The Integral System of Spanish Tourism Quality in Destination (SICTED) is a project to improve the quality of tourist destinations promoted by the Spanish Tourism Institute (TURESPAÑA), which works with tourism companies and services, with the aim of improving the tourist experience and satisfaction, with a focus on continuous improvement and an attitude of improvement and improvement of resources and space

SICTED Distinctive

The Tourism Quality Commitment Distinctive, accredits and recognizes the effort and commitment to quality and continuous improvement made by the participating companies, while distinguishing the establishment against the competition. This distinctive is awarded to tourism companies and services that have demonstrated compliance with the requirements established in the Good Practices Manuals and is valid for two years, although it is subject to an annual follow-up evaluation

How does SICTED work?

The first step is the adhesion of the companies and tourist services of the municipalities of Son Servera and Sant Llorenç des Cardassar. You can do this by completing the adhesion protocol and sending it to the following e-mail addresses

Once the company/service is adhered, the implementation of the system is carried out and training sessions are given, collective workshops and work groups are held to improve the destination. After the implementation, an annual evaluation of compliance is carried out and, once passed, the SICTED distinction of Commitment to Tourism Quality is obtained



What are the benefits of being a SICTED company?

  • Improve the internal management of the establishment.
  • Promote quality management.
  • To know the client better.
  • To have a manual of good practices.
  • Improve knowledge of the subsector to which it belongs.
  • Increase the customer’s perception of the reliability of the service.
  • To have a recognized quality system.
  • To know the destination better.

What does the implementation and training of SICTED consist of?

Once they have adhered, the companies and tourist services start the implementation process. This process is carried out with technical visits by approved consultants and is divided into annual cycles. At the same time, tourism companies and services are offered an appropriate training plan for each cycle, which also includes collective workshops and working groups that develop proposals for improvement for the destination. The training is carried out by the Tourism Strategy Agency of the Balearic Islands, in collaboration with the local councils.

The training plan consists of 24 modules on different topics and includes the possibility of doing some of them online. More information about the Spanish Tourism Quality Integral System in Destination (SICTED):