Dialogue for Water: LIFE AdaptCalaMillor joins WAT’SAVEREUSE in meetings on water management in coastal tourism

The LIFE Adapt Cala Millor project has established a significant collaboration with another project funded by the EU LIFE program, called LIFE WAT’SAVEREUSE, the objective of which is to raise awareness in the tourism sector and promote sustainable practices of water conservation and reuse. This collaboration was materialized through the participation of members of the team in conferences organized by the Water Alliance, focused on sharing and presenting sustainable water management practices in tourist areas of the municipalities of Formentera and Alcúdia.

The first day, held on February 15 at the headquarters of the Consell de Formentera, included a remote presentation of the LIFE AdaptCalaMillor project by Miguel Díaz Diego, technician of the Directorate General of Circular Economy, Energy Transition and Climate Change; Inés Batle Eriksson, president of the Hotel Association of Cala Millor; and Aida Pericas Palou, predoctoral researcher at SOCIB. A week later, on February 22, the second day was held in Alcúdia, where Miguel Díaz Diego presented the project in person. During the two days the project was presented, highlighting the urgent need to address the consequences of climate change and the objectives set for its mitigation. Fundamental elements of the project were highlighted, such as the diversity of participants from different sectors and institutions, the implementation of nature-based solutions, participatory governance, scientific support and the replicability of the project in other urban beaches.

This collaboration between LIFE Adapt Cala Millor and WAT’SAVEREUSE demonstrates the importance of inter-project cooperation in promoting sustainable practices and the pursuit of integrated solutions to climate challenges in coastal areas.

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